DTN Parser Program

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DTN Parser Program

The DTN parser software is intended for use by ARES and other radio operators originating messages to format of ARRL radiogram messages for submission into the DTN system. This software will generate the DTN message header and footers based on address information in each message and place the messages in output files sorted by precedence and special handling (HXD). The user can then attach the DTN parser message output text files to AIRMAIL, RMS EXPRESS or other DTN mail software for transmission into the DTN. The use of this software assures correctly formatted DTN headers for reliable delivery by the DTN system.

This program also provides a lookup table for commonly used call signs. If the call sign of addressee in the lookup table, then this software will fill in the zip code, city, state, and phone number fields in the DTN message header from the call sign lookup. Note that the proper radiogram address format for this abbreviated address form is call sign, city, state and zip code. The call sign lookup table can be customized by the user.

The program also has lookup tables for zip codes for both the US and Canada. There is a popup window allowing you to enter either a zip code or city and state. This lookup is used in generating the DTN header where the zip code is absent using the city and state to find the zip code for the DTN header.

The DTN parser software does some basic checks of the ARRL radiogram structure. It checks for the presence and order of required fields in the preamble line. It will verify and correct the check value. Punctuation should not be used in radiograms, but where encountered, this software will replace or remove the punctuation. The message number, time filed, and date filed fields will be reformatted if needed.

The original message and the revised message are presented to the operator to decide to accept the changes or correct format problems in the messages.

The program is for the Windows 95 to Windows 7 operating systems. It may work on Windows 8 as well. The primary operator interface is an edit window similar to Microsoft Notepad that works with the Windows clipboard supporting cut and paste operations. A help file is provided that interacts with the software to provide users with help and additional information.

Another version of the DTN parser software is available for MBO operators only. The MBO software version parses messages the same as the basic DTN parser, but is designed to run unattended sorting messages by state or zip code, generating E-mail messages with the output files as attachments and forwarding of the E-mail directly into a mail server for delivery. Messages that are undeliverable are put into an error file directory for manual handling. A log file is maintained for all messages received. The forwarding and sorting functions are configurable by the MBO operator.

This program is available for more information please contact the Digital Coordinator in your area for more information.

Pacific Area Digital Coordinator: W5KAV
Central Area Digital Coordinator: KM0R
Eastern Area Digital Coordinator: WB2FTX