Step by Step Set Up for DTN Airmail Users

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Adding the following file to your Airmail directory will give you a new DTN tab under Tools > Options. This addition will add the Area Hub Frequencies and Stations for easy use. Make a system_NTSD.ini text file for each Area, using the system file name located in each section. Then using a program like Notepad paste the text below into the Airmail directory, include your callsign after the "Callsign=" which follows in:

Monitoring Enabled=1

Copy the information listed under the following for each area that you want from the DTN AirMail INI file page:

[Frequency Setup]
[Station Info]
[Frequency List]

Remember you must save the file in the airmail directory with the name as listed below:

Central Area save the file as: System.NTSDCA.ini
Eastern Area save the file as: System.NTSDEA.ini
Pacific Area save the file as: System.NTSDPA.ini

If you do not save the file using the .ini extension the aimail program will not recognize the file, do not use.txt