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Welcome to the Digital Traffic Network (DTN) Pages

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"The Digital Traffic Network (DTN) is a means for systematizing amateur traffic handling facilities by making a structure available for an integrated traffic facility designed to achieve the utmost in two principal objectives: rapid movement of traffic from origin to destination, and training amateur operators to handle written traffic and participate in directed nets. These two objectives, which sometimes conflict with each other, are the underlying foundations of the Digital Traffic network (DTN). DTN operates daily, even continuously with the advent of the advanced digital links of today."

Digital Traffic Network(DTN)
DTN Stations
DTN Links
DTN Equipment Bank
DTN Parser Program
DTN Parser Message Wizard
What is the National Traffic System

AirMail DTN
AirMail Addressing
DTN AirMail INI file
Step by Step Set Up for DTN Airmail Users
Sending Traffic Using Airmail
Digital Traffic Network Operating Guide
Becoming a Digital Relay Station (DRS)
BPQ32 Hub Operators

Pacific Area Digital Guidelines
Central Area Digital Guidelines
Eastern Area Guidelines
Europe Guideline

How do I start
QNI Newsletters

Target stations

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