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Winlink 2000 is a concept and available to all licensed amateurs for personal and public service use. It can be a fairly complex and expensive system to use with all its possibilities, but is also simple, inexpensive, and straight forward to begin. This is a step by step plan to make your life easy and to begin to use the world wide communications foundation. The Winlink 2000 web site is

Expense Level I - it cost you nothing

  1. Download a copy of Airmail at the Airmail Download Page. It works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista. It works on Apple Mac computers with a PC emulator.
  2. Install the program on your computer. Restart your computer.
  3. Set up initially with the Set Up Wizard.
  4. Set up Airmail Options.
  5. Set up the Telnet Module and learn to use it.

Expense Level IIa - it cost you $80 - $1500 to purchase a TNC (I personally like Kantronics and SCS. Used ones are frequently a good value.)

  1. If no one else in your area is using Winlink, help someone else use Airmail.
  2. Set up the Packet Module and get packet operational.

Expense Level III - if you were planning far enough ahead, you obtained a KAM (Plus, 98, or XL) or SCS modem and may now advance with no additional expense, otherwise, you will need another $80 - $1500 modem for HF.

  1. Set up the HF Module and learn to use it. (You do have a license to operate on HF don't you?)

Expense Level IV - It cost you nothing else.

  1. If you are interested in being a part of, or using, the ARRL Digital National Traffic System you may use Airmail to connect to any NTSD Area MBO, NTS Winlink Classic or Airmail station, to send and receive NTS messages for your city, county/parish, section, or region. Contact AE5V, W4ZJY, or WX4J through Winlink for more details. Airmail use is simple - click here. General NTS information is straightforward - click here.

Expense Level V - It cost you nothing more to use it all !!

  1. Open Airmail.
  2. Open the Telnet Module and connect to your favorite CMS or RMS.
  3. Open the VHF Module and connect to your favorite RMS or NTS MBO.
  4. Open the HF Module and connect to your favorite NTSD MBO or WL2K RMS.
  5. Consider joining Army MARS.

Or Set up RMS Express which has similar functions ...

Winlink Global Email

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